aluminium, fotogram av nattfjärilars rörelser, hämtat från youtubevideor, tryckt på aluminium, chroma key-blå

from the exhibition "Before and beyond the lens" at Celsius projects

Tiergarten at dusk


Slides, 2021


Fotoserie av bland annat en måne som projiceras utomhus på en diaprojektor, månen är överförd från nätet till dia-film. En nattfjärils öga uppförstorad och hittat på nätet är överfört från datorskärmen till analogt fotopapper. Fossiler av ormbunkar från nätet projiceras på dia-projektor bredvid tapeter av ormbunkar. En morgonrock bär minnet av en kropp.

The Catcher / Always home

MFA show room 1
The installation consists of two screens that mirror each other. One Chroma Key-blue-painted screen and one screen with a video projection. Thereto a series of sculptures creates a shadow-play on the wall with the light of a flash light. A pocket mirror casts a reflection of the light on the opposite wall. The reflection resembles the moon.

Digital blue (2021) MDF painted in Chroma Key-blue, The Catcher 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (2021) steel, reflective spray, reflective tape, flash light, pocket mirror, Mörkerögon (Dark eyes) (2021) HD video and 16mm-film transferred to HD-video, 7:21min

Installation view: Digital blue (2021) MDF painted in Chroma Key-blue, A wind blows from paradise (2021) 16mm-film transferred to HD video, 8:07 min, Jeanne, Always home (2021) photogram of laptop screen transferred to dia-slides, Lead (2021) steel

In the entrance to the attic Also images can die (2021) HD video, 7:10min

Also images can die

Also images can die (2021) HD video, 7:10min

Through a dialogue between inside/outside, body, technology and nature acts of disappearance are created. Filmed with a drone and a blue chroma key-suit in my diseased grandparents’ house. Remnants of life is kept in boxes and time seems to stand still. Furniture, books, images, packed in boxes for the afterworld. The slide projector, the archive of the home, can make it visible again, that which all now living have forgotten. But the house seems to leak – outside people in bathrobes are sleeping. 

A hand moves across a wallpaper with ferns. Fossils of ferns are shown on the slide projector next to the wall paper. The image of that which is disappearing. A disappearance concerning the extinction of species, invisibility and loss.

Night visions

Night visions / Mörkerögon (2021) HD video and 16mm-film transferred to HD-video, 7:21min

In “Mörkerögon” we are located a summer night at a seashore. A slide projector is shooting blanks, shooting the night. Insects buzzing. Suddenly shooting an image of the moon.  Higher up in the sky the earth’s moon projects light from the sun to the earths surface. City light are seen from afar. The artificial moon is flickering. The camera-eye is moving like itself is animated. The drone moves like a dancing insect searching for the moon (filmed during full moon). Eye lids painted with the eye shadow ”Electric blue” flicker and are color keyed out in post production. 

The technology gazes into its own history, where the history of light and extinction of species coincide. 

A wind blows from paradise

A wind blows from paradise (2021) 16mm-film transferred to HD video, 8:07 min 

Ferns are ancient plants. Their fossils bare witness of it. They originate from Karbon, the period in time that created the world’s oil resources. Plants pressed during milions of years, give light today. A woman in a bathrobe is searching for something in her pocket mirror. Holding up a mirror against nature, in search of it or of the technology capturing her. 

Mirror mirror

mirror, mirror, can you tell me what you see? 2021

1 min loop, 16 mm transferred to digital and digital

A split screen performing shared vision with my parents, In one film I give instructions to my father that are turning the focus a telescope from the inside to the outside of house, and then back again. And we share a dialogie of me directing and he taking the instructions, creating a visual journey of focal lenght and perspective. In the other screen my mother is holding up a pocket mirror towards her surroundings. In the mirror it is possible to see what someone else sees.

An old abandoned bus stop had been transformed into a Greenhouse. And for the exhibition we transformed it into an experimental sculpture of moving images, which is lit at dusk and turned off at dawn. Part of the programme One Million Years (2021)

We Meet at Full Moon and Fight - Introducing the Wrestlers Victoria Benedictsson and Anne Sexton

We Meet at Full Moon and Fight - Introducing the Wrestlers Victoria Benedictsson and Anne Sexton (2019), video, 8.05 min

Two writers/wrestlers meet at full moon in a forest in an alternative reality. A ritualistic wrestling match takes place, a practice of intimacy through a bodily as well as poetic language.